Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Crop It

Been away for a while i know, but schools out (finally!) and i'm glad to be back! 
ITS SUMMER and boy, is it hott-as-hell! Yesterday, 2 hours before my annual July BBQ i had to walk out to the nearest clothing store to purchase a belt that i was going to wear for the event, only for me to change my outfit later on because of sufficient water damage to my dress, but anyways thats not the point. The point was that yesterday was an extremely hott day of 33 degrees farenheit and i didn't break a single sweat thanks to my crisp white crop top. :)
picture via Pixie Shop

picture via Shopbop

I love how on the hottest of days that these new forms of shirts can help you create your own breeze and its now clear that Calvin Klein is thinking the same with his new S/S11 collection sporting men wearing crop tops as well. Its just another piece of clothing that men have decided to add to their closet right along with today's women.

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