Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rings Are The New Necklaces

I've started to notice that rings are quickly taking over the jewelry world, with every detail in them maximized and modernized to fit whatever outfit. It seems that it's no longer completely necessary to wear long chains and heavy adornments. A statement ring by itself is enough. Jewelry extraordinaire Tamila Purvis from the Rosemont Fashion Week in Australia knows exactly how to go about making some pretty amazing statement jewelry, rings to be more exact though. 

                                 Immortals ring

     The Truth earrings
          [pictures via Garance DorĂ©]

Even fashion and celebrity icon Madonna is coming out soon with some amazing jewelry from her new fashion line Material Girl. It's a family affair as this line (made by the original material girl herself with the help of her oh so chic Creative Director/daughter Lola Leon :) ) is choc-full of clothes, bags and jewelry that will surely have you humming that oh so famous song. Coming August 2010 only at Macy's!

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