Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New Side of Taylor

WELL MY, OH, MY ! I know that this picture probs came out a couple or a few weeks ago, but my blog pictures folder on my desktop is so unorganized I just found it again..

obviously this is the same taylor, it just takes a second to adjust to her new outfit.
I'm not quite sure if this new look is permanent for her, and by look I mean clothes that aren't a frilly or fluffy puffy dress and boots, not that she ever looks bad when she wears that. This I think is a more modern take on her, lets say, usual outfit. Because look, she still has the frills, still has the boots and her top is still sweet and country just like her. AWWE I'm loving this you guys!

huggies not pampers,

Lets Go Downton

just stumbled upon these phenomenal illustrations by David Downton :)

When I look at these illustrations (well, most of them) I feel the sense of old hollywood glamour and mystery, which is not something I usually get when I look at some fashion illustrations. Its different and I definitely like it.

huggies not pampers,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bless Choo

Looks like UGG just found the magic. Collaborating with the australian company is:

dah dah dah dah dah dah DAAAAAHHHH!

I saw these nd went bezerrk because I go crazzzy for studs which every shoe in this serendipitous collection

and recognize this stunna Amber Valletta from Jimmy Choo's fall 2010 ad campaign?
she looks so...KICKBUTT!

huggies not pampers,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gleek Chic

In the november issue of Marie Claire UK, Lea Michele (GAHH!) from the uber hit tv show Glee, (and yes i am a Gleek aha) graces its cover. Its definitely a side of her I haven't seen before, but maybe thats because she's still showing the world her different sides, and her mouth-watering shoes..

see the full photoshoot after the jump !


Don't Touch My Bootie

AW YEAH  wedgebooties YEAH !  (DJ Pauly D voice)
yoo I freaking loove these shoes, wedge booties to be more exact. They're definitely statement shoes (especially the ones directly below) but SIGGHHHH  its become way to cold for me to attempt to buy these and pull them off in my snow blizzard town. 

Another fact: these particularly yummy shoes below are no longer being sold :'(

taken from Pile of Clothes

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

Okay so I live Canada, and yeah I've heard all the rumors about us living in igloos ahaha!
And even though I haven't seen a winter, nonetheless been in a winter soo freezing its only suitable that I
become prepared. I've been brutal with my search for both knee high boots and leopard print shoes, especially with the animal print craze going on nowadays and I must say I finally found both :

It would be a miracle if I ever find a pair of these on ebay seeing as I currently have no job and such,
but for now all I can do is stare.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Read Up !!

i am sooooo.. euphoric! i ordered a few books off amazon nd they jst came in the mail todayy,
GAHH so excited to start reading !!

i'm already pretty good at my sketches but it doesn't hurt to get better no? 
I've already started reading the book on top.. i just wanted to take a break to blog about thiss :)

if only i had a bookshelf to put them on... its becoming a hassle to try and get my uncle to take me to get one.
Oh well, my ceramic frog looks pretty comfy up there anyways!

P.S i would like to give a special thanks to LaCara from Oh La La Curves for giving me some great advice on my blog.. you've been such a great help. THNX!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Quick Makeover

The other day the fates of the world seemed to be against me as I fell sick.
Sick with sadness that is, that the straps on my well-loved and beloved H&M cross body bag broke.
At first, i wasn't sure what was going on as i felt the first end of the strap slipping off my shoulders, then realization dawned on me as my bag fell to the ground. This was not my bedroom carpet, but the damp, leafy ground on which i was walking on from school to home.

I thought, OH THATS JUST PEACHY, but the fates weren't done with me yet.
Yes, the other half of the strap decided to release itself from the bag.
As embarrassing as it is to admit, i was near tears... very near infact as i solemnly continued walking homebound.

Not knowing what to do with a bag strap and a bag i saw only one conclusion in mind: to convert my cross body bag into a clutch. Despite the size of the bag i figured this was my only way since there was no way i was going to throw it out. NO WAY JOSE!

 Here's what i did :

Nd thank goodness I was lucky enough to find an almost empty bottle of glitter spray paint! Salvage what you can right ?

4 hours later and VOILA!! 

i love how its so subtle, but as soon as it catches light.. the whole bag explodes in glittery goodness.
Add a nice brooch and you're done!


There have been few posts put up lately because I have been doing some self-evaluation and some very much needed blog-evaluation. I've come to notice and take account of the fact that i haven't been being myself on this blog which really defeats the whole purpose of me having a blog. 

See, its all too easy to take pictures from a website, and say your two pieces and be done and depending on who you are, its a bit challenging to come up with something new and interesting to blog about every single day.

Obviously i need to work on the latter teehee.

But this isn't just an issue about me, but about other blogs and blogs-to-be out there. And i know i have no experience with blogging (clearly!) especially being a newbie myself to be telling you what to do. BUT there is a simple fact that needs to be let known. 

YOU ARE YOUR OWN PERSON, so why shouldn't your blog be the same... its own.

I came to this realization while searching the net for useful tips on how to be a better blogger, practically forcing myself to read the common point over and over: be unique in your blog and others will see your uniqueness.
No one wants to see a copy of someone else's blog, why look at yours when theirs stands out so much more?
And yes it may be hard, you may be in the middle of nowhere using that as an excuse to even paraphrase another blogger's post because of "lack of inspiration". I know because i've used it myself many times before.

But really what are you gaining if you're only piggy-backing another blogger? Especially since that blogger probably put more effort into what they are doing than you are. 

Instead of blog-stalking and then posting the same material, find what interests you about the topic and blog that. Keep it light, and interesting and most importantly, keep it YOU.

In the words of the great CoCo Chanel:

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." 

Now take that and run with it!