Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Quick Makeover

The other day the fates of the world seemed to be against me as I fell sick.
Sick with sadness that is, that the straps on my well-loved and beloved H&M cross body bag broke.
At first, i wasn't sure what was going on as i felt the first end of the strap slipping off my shoulders, then realization dawned on me as my bag fell to the ground. This was not my bedroom carpet, but the damp, leafy ground on which i was walking on from school to home.

I thought, OH THATS JUST PEACHY, but the fates weren't done with me yet.
Yes, the other half of the strap decided to release itself from the bag.
As embarrassing as it is to admit, i was near tears... very near infact as i solemnly continued walking homebound.

Not knowing what to do with a bag strap and a bag i saw only one conclusion in mind: to convert my cross body bag into a clutch. Despite the size of the bag i figured this was my only way since there was no way i was going to throw it out. NO WAY JOSE!

 Here's what i did :

Nd thank goodness I was lucky enough to find an almost empty bottle of glitter spray paint! Salvage what you can right ?

4 hours later and VOILA!! 

i love how its so subtle, but as soon as it catches light.. the whole bag explodes in glittery goodness.
Add a nice brooch and you're done!

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