Friday, October 15, 2010

Read Up !!

i am sooooo.. euphoric! i ordered a few books off amazon nd they jst came in the mail todayy,
GAHH so excited to start reading !!

i'm already pretty good at my sketches but it doesn't hurt to get better no? 
I've already started reading the book on top.. i just wanted to take a break to blog about thiss :)

if only i had a bookshelf to put them on... its becoming a hassle to try and get my uncle to take me to get one.
Oh well, my ceramic frog looks pretty comfy up there anyways!

P.S i would like to give a special thanks to LaCara from Oh La La Curves for giving me some great advice on my blog.. you've been such a great help. THNX!

1 comment:

  1. How exciting! Thoses look like good reads. I recently am reading The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia and waiting on my Style A to Zoe to arrive. The Teen Vogue Handbook was a big help, too! Happy reading =)

    Quench Fab