Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Big Ol' Blog Post

Today is exactly one month and one day from my last post, i blame it on blogger burnout.
See, i was lucky enough to make it through the canadian thanksgiving (October 11) and still keep posting, but i didn't make it far :( obviously.
But now i'm back people, and with a whole lot more to blog about so i'm doing one big ol' blog post.

First off, i would like to acknowledge the fact that i am completely obsessed with Ebay. It seems that everytime i come across the site i end up looking for/at stuff i don't really need, just want, and i know everyone knows what i'm talking about. Its the same situation when you walk into a store at the mall and you opt on buying your 6th hoodie or your 4th pair of yoga pants. SMH its too addicting to quit too, as i'm blogging right now i have a window open on Ebay... i'm searching for an Audrey Hepburn poster. Not to mention the bag and rings i bought from Ebay last month and my double shopping spree in the last week.
*on the off note: Why can't i find Breakfast At Tiffany's online?!!?!?!

I'm actually kinda lucky in a way though aha. My school had a trip to NYC, (YES  NYC!!!) last thursday and just came back today (as if four days in NYC will ever be enough for one person). But, here's the best part: I DIDN'T GO!!! i spent countless weekends daydreaming about the trip only to get a "we'll see", but only because my parents are really strict about my safety that they said that. But on a compromise of me NOT going on the trip because my mom and dad know i'm a young SJP at heart, they opted for me to go to:


(insert crazy dancing here)
Is there even a better time to ever be there?

Thank goodness that one of my good friends went on the trip and even MORE  thank goodness that we both have bbm, that she was able to send me pictures during the whole trip. She even took a picture of those Jimmy Choo & UGG boots which she sent me via bbm and it is now my blackberry wallpaper ahaha.
I wanted to cry, but hey, everything happens for a reason no?
But yeah, back to the reason of why i'm lucky i didn't go on the trip: i would have maxed out my credit card.
I'm already a big spender and even though my friend spent over 300USD, i can tell you now that if i was there with her, child i would have spent what no girl would ever want to spend. NO LIE i would have no self control. HAHA maybe if i did go i could attend a Shopaholic Anonymous meeting!


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