Thursday, November 25, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Collection for Macy's


Karl Lagerfeld is going to be designing a collection for yess, MACY'S! This is exactly the type of thing I've been waiting for!! Okay so here's whats going down:
He will basically be designing a capsule collection ( i'm assuming you know what that is ) for Macy's which will be hitting the racks next fall and he'll automatically be the second designer to join the new designer series "club" Macy's just started.. and what would a designers series be without the grand master Kaiser Karl? 
(Kinder Aggugini was the first to kick it off).
Of course its a limited-edition line as the whole purpose of the designer series is to have a new designer every two months; which means be ready to grab your coats and your car keys ladies because this will definitely be a seller-outter as soon as it hits the stores. His teamwork with H&M in 2004 was sheer epicnicity so without a doubt you already know he'll be concocting some drool worthy, jaw dropping, and something-to-get-flabbergasted-over pieces. The big ol' question is though, will he be showing his artistry from Chanel in this collection or a new type of novelty?

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