Monday, June 27, 2011


Hey guys! It's been a while I know, but I've been without a working laptop for a while. But I'm ready to get back into posting now that summer is here and I have a new laptop!
Already I've spent my first day of summer travelling to my home in Lagos, Nigeria.. four planes! Can you imagine?! It wasn't too bad as the first two legs of the trip were less than an hour, but the last leg of the trip just about did it for me--11 hour flight from Atlanta to Lagos! I'm smiling from ear to ear now that I'm surrounded by my family. 

I have a very action packed summer ahead of me. First, is my internship with top Nigerian fashion designer Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa. She uses ankara, a traditional african print and has taken it to another level of sophisticated wearability and style. Influencing more than her fellow Nigerians, budding model Kendall Kardashian, and singer Kelis have been spotted wearing her pieces. Each garment is individual in its unique embellishments which she introduced long before Gwen Stefani utilized african prints in her L.A.M.B line. Jewel by Lisa (which you can see here) is sophisticated,very trendy, and luxe. Her new line, The J Label,  is exactly that, but more affordable. Its  youthful, high-fashion & everyday pieces that can either be worn together or individually mixed with pieces in your own wardrobe.
The J Label: 


Friday, January 28, 2011


i'm a little late posting up pictures from my birthday, but hay there were some technical difficulties okay. So on my 17th birthday i had a little fam jam at the house with chinese and cake (yummy combo), next year i'm moving to pizza and champagne, which makes me nostalgic for The Hills aha. I know most people feel a change on their birthday, but i actually haven't felt anything yet.. weird, but i guess i'm not most people. My parents gave me some money and my cousin surprised me with getting my a purple bag, which i was happy for because i needed to get some color in the bag department. Good thing this spring is all about color, color, color... I'll have plenty of chances to stock up. :D


Sunday, January 23, 2011

my sunday best

i have about 3 exams this week with one of them being on tuesday ( my birthdayy! :D ).. rough i knoww, so i can't really afford to be on the computer much after this post so here's what i wore today and wish me luck on my exams this week! :/ my photographer went out so i had to do this with my smeared mirror in my room..

 Its a studded dark blue vneck shirt from I Heart Ronson and my pants are from Charlotte Russe.. i forgot where i got the grey sweater from but oh well.... ta ta till wednesday!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


i am definitely a hugnormous (huge&enormous) fan of ASOS so while looking up their spring collection i simply had to post my findings right away and share this delectable lookbook with all of you!

i'm not really one for floppy hats, but maybe thats just because i'm known to go into a store only to find out my head is a bit too big for most hats. Maybe i'll give this one a try because the good thing about these types of hats is that if its big, you don't look like a fool, the bigger and floppier the better (if it suits you that is).

this dress from the ASOS Revive section will definitely be a dress i would splurge for. And thats big for me because i'm not a total dressy person.. I'm more of a pants-and-dress-shirt-person, but we'll see as the weather changes seeing as its still kinda like the ice age up here in Canada.

Of course i had to save these color blocked beauties for last ;) All of them something i'd bag and click checkout in a hot second. The only problem is which one to choose.. There's these ones in the pic above, the leopard pair in the ASOS Africa picture and the ones below which aren't in the spring collection, but i'd sure make them part of my closest's collection aha!
well off to my pink lights.. night lovies! x.

images via refinery29, ASOS

Makeup Organization

Today i felt very get-up-and-do-some-cleaning-ish. With that came a couple DIYs that i decided to do to organize my beauty products and brushes. Before i just had all my makeup and brushes in one drawer and it wasn't pretty i would have to clean my brushes at least 2-3 times a week because they kept getting so dirty and dusty. Well, not anymore lovies.. i took charge and made a brush holder out of a tin can, like the ones that you would find baked beans in aha. I didn't feel like wasting money to go to the store soo this was the next best option towards my brushes better health.

 Still on a DIY roll i decided to organize my entire makeup drawer while i was at it. I just used this old hair straightener box and basically ripped and cut it apart so i could make it all fit inside and VOILA! Its not magnifique but its certainly tres bien for me. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Turn Up The Lights In Here Baby

so i guess it was just Google Chrome that was on the fritz because blogger is fine when i log in on safari :S go figure. Anyways before christmas i went shopping and got these really cute pink indoor christmas lights that i decided not to put up on the tree but keep in my room aha. Since it'll probs be a while before i get my room painted i thought this would definitely be a good step forward until then. :)

they cast such a pretty glow! this is definitely a more chic nightlight ahaha ;)


BLOGGER WON'T LET ME POST ANYTHING..!! :'( hopefully this will clear up soon.. i'm trying to find a new domain until then but i hate wordpress.. any ideas on where i should setup shop next?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

snow can make any stress go away

let me tell you now, i do not like snow. i like the idea of a winter wonderland, but that stuff is annoying a bit and soo dangerous at times. Last night or this morning or whenever it rained and melted the snow, but then it obviously turned to ice and guess who has to walk to the school bus every morning on a mostly uphill sidewalk? me. so of course my butt was slipping and sliding, even when i got off the school bus the snow was slippery!! so basically this morning wasn't the best of these winter days, but after school i had the urge to do an OOTD and it was my cousin actually who convinced me to go outside... so here is my little bit of fun in my least favorite season.

Scarf: grandma
Denim shirt: aunt
Moccasins: Ready 2 Wear
Leggings: Target
Double Finger Ring: sister (LAVE YAH!)
angel necklace: somewhere in italy
Turquoise necklace: Pink Apple New York
Mittens: Joe's

all grey erryday

kayy so i live in the basement of my house and as dark as it already is because i have half a window that shows me the best view of underneath my porch, i want to paint my room grey. I love that color for rooms and accents in rooms especially because i think its such a classy color and you can do a lot with it as opposed to white which would make me feel like i'm in a padded room, but hey thats  just me. I've seen some pretty awesome white rooms don't get me wrong, but theres just something about grey that makes sparks fly.

all of these rooms have been designed by Taylor Howes and i'm in love with the padded wall in the 3rd one. In the second i never thought i would see a strong gold accent in a grey room look as good as that and that grey and white chair in the first one is calling my name i swear. All i need is all of those things smashed together and i'd be good brody.

Friday, January 7, 2011

If You Like It Then You Should Put A Ring On It

if theres an accessory that i could never live without it would have to be rings. They make such a statement and i love piling them on and mixing and matching. Maybe its the fact that even if i'm running late somewhere and don't have enough time to pick out a necklace or a cute pair of earrings i can always just grab a few rings and slide em' on. Here's a couple pics of my growing collection! :-D

This past Christmas i even got a few of my grandma's old rings. I love looking around in her jewelry box because every piece has a story, and because it so BIG! The ring thats proving to be my MVR (most valuable ring) would have to be this silver one with the kinda unconventional lines on it. 

Its not one of my grandma's timeless rings but i love it all the same. Can't wait till the summer to raid her jewelry box again !!