Wednesday, January 19, 2011

all grey erryday

kayy so i live in the basement of my house and as dark as it already is because i have half a window that shows me the best view of underneath my porch, i want to paint my room grey. I love that color for rooms and accents in rooms especially because i think its such a classy color and you can do a lot with it as opposed to white which would make me feel like i'm in a padded room, but hey thats  just me. I've seen some pretty awesome white rooms don't get me wrong, but theres just something about grey that makes sparks fly.

all of these rooms have been designed by Taylor Howes and i'm in love with the padded wall in the 3rd one. In the second i never thought i would see a strong gold accent in a grey room look as good as that and that grey and white chair in the first one is calling my name i swear. All i need is all of those things smashed together and i'd be good brody.

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