Saturday, January 22, 2011


i am definitely a hugnormous (huge&enormous) fan of ASOS so while looking up their spring collection i simply had to post my findings right away and share this delectable lookbook with all of you!

i'm not really one for floppy hats, but maybe thats just because i'm known to go into a store only to find out my head is a bit too big for most hats. Maybe i'll give this one a try because the good thing about these types of hats is that if its big, you don't look like a fool, the bigger and floppier the better (if it suits you that is).

this dress from the ASOS Revive section will definitely be a dress i would splurge for. And thats big for me because i'm not a total dressy person.. I'm more of a pants-and-dress-shirt-person, but we'll see as the weather changes seeing as its still kinda like the ice age up here in Canada.

Of course i had to save these color blocked beauties for last ;) All of them something i'd bag and click checkout in a hot second. The only problem is which one to choose.. There's these ones in the pic above, the leopard pair in the ASOS Africa picture and the ones below which aren't in the spring collection, but i'd sure make them part of my closest's collection aha!
well off to my pink lights.. night lovies! x.

images via refinery29, ASOS

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