Wednesday, January 19, 2011

snow can make any stress go away

let me tell you now, i do not like snow. i like the idea of a winter wonderland, but that stuff is annoying a bit and soo dangerous at times. Last night or this morning or whenever it rained and melted the snow, but then it obviously turned to ice and guess who has to walk to the school bus every morning on a mostly uphill sidewalk? me. so of course my butt was slipping and sliding, even when i got off the school bus the snow was slippery!! so basically this morning wasn't the best of these winter days, but after school i had the urge to do an OOTD and it was my cousin actually who convinced me to go outside... so here is my little bit of fun in my least favorite season.

Scarf: grandma
Denim shirt: aunt
Moccasins: Ready 2 Wear
Leggings: Target
Double Finger Ring: sister (LAVE YAH!)
angel necklace: somewhere in italy
Turquoise necklace: Pink Apple New York
Mittens: Joe's

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